About Us

After a lifetime of respect and admiration of furry, feathered, and scaly friends, Andrew Zbeeb founded Frogs to Dogs, a pet sitting and dog training company that employs only the most knowledgeable individuals in the animal industry. Every member of the Frogs to Dogs staff meets the highest standard of excellence, brings a unique skill set to the team, and together they provide Atlanta area pet owners with the very best pet services.


Established in 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia, Frogs to Dogs has quickly become recognized as one of the most reputable and respected companies in the pet community. Please read the press articles, client testimonials, and online reviews to see what everyone is saying about our quality service.

The Founder/Owner

Andrew Zbeeb

Dogs (15)Frogs To Dogs was started as a result of my true love for all animals. My compassion for our furry friends began as a child when I could regularly be found sleeping on the floor with the family dogs. Over the years, I have raised and worked with a wide variety of dogs, cats, birds, exotics – basically any and all creatures. Behavioral training, rescue work and animal studies have been my life’s passion. I am happy to further my commitment to animals by serving on Lifeline Animal Projects’ Board of Directors.




amandaI am a life long animal lover and companion. All my life we have had animals and I would not want it any other way. Having such a soft spot for animals led me into years of rescue work with Friends of Animals in Atlanta and various other rescue groups. My years of rescue work exposed me to many different animal behavioral and medical situations. I have worked with administering subcutaneous fluids, insulin (and other medical) injections, pills, herbs,tinctures; taking pets to swim therapy, post operative physical therapy, dog training and acupuncture. In addition to rescue work I have been a pet sitter for the past seven years with Frogs to Dogs. After leaving our beloved clients in Atlanta I knew that Bend would be the perfect place to expand Frogs to Dogs. Whether you have the healthiest animal on the block or one with some challenges I can provide the right type of care for them.


marinaWith years of experience working with horses, dogs and cats, you can trust Marina to take care of your furry friends while your away. Marina recently moved to Bend, and has years of hands on horse care and training experience, including a United States Dressage Federation bronze medal. She was born and raised in Maui, Hawaii, with cats and dogs, and has years of experience in petsitting in the islands. From taking your lab on four-mile runs to feeding and mucking your horses’ stalls, Marina has the knowledge and love for animals to be your pet’s best companion while you’re away.



cailynCailyn recently moved to Bend from New Hampshire. She has a degree in Biology from the University of Vermont, has taken courses on canine behavior, and has had years of experience working with a multitude of animals including dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles. In addition to working with pets, Cailyn has also volunteered at both wildlife rehabilitation facilities and science centers to lend a hand with their wilder animals. Whether it’s taking your dog for a jog, making sure your bird has their millet, or caring for a kitten, Cailyn has you covered. She knows best friends come in all shapes and sizes, and looks forward to caring for yours while you are away.


Lilith loves to be surrounded by animals: growing up in the black forest in Germany with a rescued cat, a German Shepherd, budgerigars and guinea pigs she knows that there is nothing like the bond of humans and animals! As a teenager she received lessons in horse riding and had a horse in care for 5 years. Animal rights were a driving force for her when becoming older, she became an activist while running a vegan restaurant in Berlin. She recently moved to Bend with the desire to be closer to nature. As a physical active person, she loves to go for a run or long hikes with your dogs. If not pet sitting, you find her building up her new carrier as a nutritionist and intuitive healer.

Steve and Carolyn

We are animal lovers with over 50 years of individual experience. Steve has a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with an emphasis in animal nutrition. We recently moved to Eastern Oregon from Texas and own a home in Eagle Crest. We dropped our last two (twins) off at Duke University and traveled across country, by car, with our beloved Cleo. We love to travel and know what it means to leave your pet with a caring companion while we are away.

We have owned and loved many animals; we raised 7 children between us and assisted in the care for all their pets, from hamsters to horses. We are semi-retired educators with one grandson – so far. We look forward to caring for your pets as if they were our own.