UPDATE (11/13/2017) – Because life is an adventure, the adult male component of Frogs to Dogs Bend has been diagnosed with a bone tumor. Since there isn’t a place in Bend that can handle it, the F2DBend crew is in emergency preparations to travel somewhere that can. This means we really need to find Mistah Chuck a home, permanent or foster, pronto. Please consider bringing Sir Charles of The Nut into your home and heart!


Chuckanut (AKA Chuck) is a young male cat we trapped on a foreclosed property.  The occupants had been evicted, and cats, including probably Chuck, had been left behind.  When we got Chuck he was unaltered.  We did not know if he was handleable, which is why when he was neutered the tip of his ear was clipped (this is the universal sign for a feral that has been spayed/neutered).  He also tested negative for FeLV and FIV, and has had his first set of FeLV and FIV shots and a 1 year rabies.

As it turns out, Chuck’s not just handleable – he’s downright loveable.  He likes nothing more than to curl up in  a warm lap or cuddle up at night when it’s sleepy time.  He even likes belly rubs – and will sometimes even roll over to encourage them.  Chuck is gentle, sweet and very, very chill.

Because we can’t keep him ourselves, we’re looking for the perfect forever home for Chuck.  An adoption application will be required, as will an adoption fee, which will be donated in whole to Brightside Animal Center.  Chuck’s done his time on the rough streets of Bend, and as such an indoor only home is required.  After living life under a pole barn trust us, he’s quite content to spend the rest of his days all cozy inside.

If you’re the perfect home for Super Chuckanut, please contact us at chuck@frogstodogsbend.com. We’ll get you the application ASAP!